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Something's Awry

Get the monstrous new album Something's Awry currently only available on sterlingwitt.bandcamp.com
Sometihing's Awry - 2020
1. Kelpie, 2.Werewolf,  3.The Ghoul, 4. The Doll, 5.Yara Ma Yha Who, 6.Hag-Riddden,
7.Shirley's Pimple, 8.Slide Rock Bolters, 9.Ting Tong, 10.Manananggall, 11.Little Buford Beaman, 12.The House
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Satyagraha - 2015
 1.Perception, 2.Love Me To Death, 3.Spiritual Revolution,  4.Who Do You Listen To,  5.Let Love Out,  6.Make It,  7.Just So You Know,
8.Love Is The Answer, 9.Safe To Say, 10.Where In The World, 11.I Love You More Every Day, 12.Just War, 13.Labor

Sterling Loves U - CD

Sterling Loves U - 2012
1.Perfect Girl, 2.Help Yourself, 3.Hollow Moon, 4.You're The One, 5.You're The One V2, 6. Built By Design,
 7.Every Single Second, 8.Sedona, 9.You Are My Sunshine, 10.Be Free, 11.Let Me Down, 12.Carrie Ann's Birthday Song

Shadows & Secrets - CD

Shadows & Secrets - 2009
1.Desensitized, 2.Unconditional Love, 3.What Would You Say, 4.Can't Get Away,
 5.Broken Heart, 6.Broken Heart V2, 7.Your Not Around, 8.Cellophane Girl, 9.Hypochondria, 10.Physical Therapy

Skeleton EP - CD

Every copy is different hand drawn by Sterling Witt
Solo - Recorded in Sterling's living room
Limited Run of 1000
Skeleton EP - 2009 
1.Unconditional love, 2.Blue socks, 3 Hypochondria, 4.In My Head V3, 
5.My Sun, 6.School V2, 7.Broken String Blues, 8.CR3

Sea Things - CD

Sea Things - 2006
1.See Things, 2.My Son, 3.Like Love, 4.In My Head,
5. Killing Yourself, 6. Gone Outside, 7.Red Cloud,
8.Last Spring, 9.Mercury, 10.The Fall, 11.Negative Space,
12.The Ocean, 13.XXXXXXXXX

Self Portrait - CD

Self Portrait - 2004
1.Pain, 2.School, 3.Contradicting Suicide, 4.Old Friend,
5.No Cure, 6.Icestorms & Scoliosis, 7.It's O.K.?,
8.Invisible Jesus, 9.Dead Babies, 10.Life is Good,
(Includes a hidden track titled CR2)