Steve Albini 

Vents Magazine 
"There isn’t a single song among the thirteen that doesn’t sound wildly inspired and throbbing with passion... There’s a great deal of alternative textures and unpretentious sophistication on Satyagraha that will surprise and delight many along with its indisputable skill for rocking out." by Lydia Hillenburg

"Hearing Sterling Witt’s music for the first time reminded me about that fluttering in my limbs, the lightness in my stomach, and the mental rush inspired music is capable of producing in me. His thirteen song fifth album Satyagraha crackles with the fire of real inspiration and the guitar, in particular, is super charged with the real spirit of rock and roll coupled with literate and thought-provoking lyrics." - Lance Wright

"The burning heart of these songs is Witt’s actual voice and the imposingly intelligent lyrical content that is also brash, street smart, and unafraid." -David Shouse

Carlito's Music Blog
"Satyagraha is the sort of album that reveals more and more with each additional listen and forever buries the idea that there’s nothing particularly new in this genre. Artists like Sterling Witt, with a voice clearly their own, revitalize the form with inspiration and conviction." -Aaron Ellis

"Witt never uses two words when simply one will do and the result is an intense and highly focused affair that also spills over the rim with melody upon melody." - William Elgin III

"He combines that lean, economical musical vision with an intelligent, even intellectual, bent to the lyrical content that shows great skill for boiling down large ideas into comprehensible and musically sympathetic statements. Steve Albini’s production renders the album’s thirteen songs in a raw, unvarnished way that gets in the listener’s face from the outset and never backs away." -Scott Wigley

"This is as fully realized of a musical effort as you are likely to hear this year and certainly gives lie to the idea that rock music is somehow a passé art form. If it is, Sterling Witt never got the memo. Thank god he never did." -Mindy McCall

Deli Magazine KC
"Kansas City area artist with a strict devotion to the art above all else, Sterling Witt’s recent release is a thick and icky ride recorded by Steve Albini (and yes, it certainly sounds like it was). I’ve seen Sterling perform in just about every way possible over the years (and probably still have some baby powder, glitter, or a paper airplanes laying around to prove it). This grungy batch of alternative tunes is certainly less folk than I remember him at times, but still has the same earworms, sharp songwriting, and sly lyric play that I’ve come to very much enjoy of his work." - Michelle Bacon

 Johnson County Library​
"Melodic and aggressive, abrasive and pretty, political and universal, the music of Sterling Witt has many starting points. In addition to writing catchy, rocking and thought-provoking tunes, Witt is an accomplished painter whose visual work is as vibrant as his music." -Bryan Voell

Skope Magazine
I Love You More Everyday” is pure punk/pop brilliance and one of the album’s finest tracks. The melody is relatively simple and straight forward, but the undeniable hook and spot-on phrasing from Witt will make a wide audience sit up and take notice. -Jason Hillenburg

 Indie Music Magazine
“Originality is a hard thing to come by these days; and not a word we use lightly, but it has to be said – Sterling Witt is IT.” -Anthony David​

“Sterling Witt, A man who plays his guitar upside-down and backwards. Sounds difficult, but it’s also beautiful.”

​Tuning Fork
"The record is a mixture of love and politics, John Lennon would be proud."

​ Pitch Weekly
"We've seen a lot of live videos in our monthly search for the best in local videos, but we've never seen one quite this fantastic."

Prosepero's Book Store
"There are few more creative people than Sterling Witt. his music is always takes you somewhere new; his visual art is off the reservation cool! We are very excited to have Sterling here at Prospero's!" -Will Leathem